IposhNaija Exlusive: Young lady narrates how she was forcefully married by her parents and the pains she go through every night.

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In Nigeria,  like the rest of other African countries,  there still exist forced marriage.  A situation where in most cases,  younger girls dropped out of schools and forcefully married to an elderly person by their parents.

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 In Northern Nigeria to be precise, three quarter of the girls enter the institution of marriage through this method. Younger girls reaching puberty may have their idea of what marriage is, and how they are going to live for eternity with their spouses,  but this will however be cut short by their parent who want ahead to choose husband for them.  

Forced marriage is a bondage,  it is worst than slavery. African parents should know that when they forced their girls to marry, the girls become more and more silent, sad and depressive. They often fall ill, get a headache or pain in the stomach. Due to their grief, Some girls are so unhappy that they even think of suicide as the only way out. Among the many consequences of forced marriage are:
*The couples remain apart physically and psychologically.
*Maltreatment and in some cases even loss of lives if it get to violence. 
Below are screen shots of  narrations on how a beautiful girl was forcefully married by her parents and what she has to go through every night

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